Patient Advocate

A Patient Advocacy Designation is a powerful document and an important part of any estate plan. A Patient Advocacy Designation advocate is the only way to ensure that your medical wishes are respected if you become incapacitated or mentally incompetent. If you are in a condition where you may no longer be able to express your preferences about medical or mental health care treatment, decisions will be made for you by others if you have not planned for their treatment in advance. You have the right to name someone as your patient advocate and the right to have your medical treatment wishes respected.

However, a Patient Advocacy Designation is limited to mainly medial wishes or directives. If your agent has only a Patient Advocacy Designation, it does not control your financial or business decisions. That is why Lynch Law recommends also drafting Durable Power of Attorney. Please remember your Durable Power of Attorney does not have to be the same person as your Patient Advocate.