Landlord Tenant Eviction

At Lynch Law, we pride ourselves on providing efficient, affordable landlord tenant representation. We provide a comprehensive eviction service, advising you on costs, timelines, and your legal options. By informing you, we put you in the driver's seat for making business decision to keep your investment profitable, while avoiding wasting time and money on uncollectable debt.

Our firm can assist you with:

  • Leases
  • Legal Notices
  • Complaints
  • Residential and Business Evictions
  • HUD and Publicly Funded Housing
  • Land Contract and Mortgage Foreclosures and Forfeitures Collections
  • Repairs, Damages, and Security Deposits
  • Counterclaims
  • Mobile/Manufactured Home Evictions
  • Mobile/Manufactured Park Management
  • Home Site Sales
  • Police Interventions
  • Preliminary Injunctions and Tenant Property Removal

With over thirty years experience, we have seen it all and can advise, assist, and manage your evictions. We represent over 35 local landlords, “mom and pop” rentals, property management companies, apartment complexes, and mobile/manufactured home parks in over 8 counties in Northern Michigan. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Whether you are a first time landlord or looking for litigation expertise, Lynch Law can handle your landlord tenant matters.