About Deborah Lynch

Deborah Lynch has been a practicing attorney in Northwestern Michigan for over 35 years. Her practice is heavily involved with domestic relation matters including custody, child support, spousal support, parenting time and the myriad of issue related matters within a divorce with and without children. Many clients are self-employed (or divorcing a self-employed spouse) with dissolution issues analogous to dissolving partnerships. Asset protection is critical and time consuming. She has extensive experience in streamlining this very expensive process. She has enjoyed successful appearances at Referee Circuit Court, Family Court and Michigan Court of Appeals Decisions. She has been a successful mediator of family law issues for over 30 years.

Ms. Lynch has also served as In-house chief counsel for large "minor" Antrim Shale and Niagaran Oil and Gas Exploration Company for years. Highlighting her experience in the oil and gas industry was her lead attorney role in drafting a $12,500,000.00 Joint Venture with Shell Western Exploration and Production Inc. She has also authored Antrim Shale Oil & Gas Lease and Operating Agreement used within industry during the Antrim Play. She also co-counseled on the $75,000,000.00 Turnkey Drilling Contract with NICOR Drilling in Tulsa, OK and merger negotiations between PetroStar Energy Co. and Howard Energy Company.



Certified Mediators

As Certified Mediators for over 40 years, Lynch Law is dedicated to providing you with a fast and less costly way to solve conflict

Mediation is a legal, faster, and less costly way to solve conflict outside of the courtroom. It often takes the place of court action. When people in conflict choose to solve their issues through mediation, the final outcome is often an agreement. Mediation is so effective that more people are choosing this process to find agreement on issues in their personal lives and solve business related disputes. Payment plans, workable compromises, apologies, and better understanding are a few of the outcomes when people meet around the mediation table. Statistics show that more than 70% of Michigan cases end in mediation. Of those surveyed, 78% say they are keeping their promises they made in their mediation session.