Divorce is the process of dissolution of a marriage, and many times can be a painful experience. As your attorney, we are well aware of the emotional involvement of the parties and are sympathetic to your issues. Our firm has over 40 years experience specializing in all aspects of divorce. Having the right representation can elevate some of the stress of this difficult situation.

Our experience has shown that most divorce cases are settled, which means in those matters, the parties eventually, through their attorneys, reach an agreement which is placed upon the court's record. We will never allow you to agree to something you do not understand nor something you feel you are being forced into. Divorces can go to trial, and our firm has expert litigation experience in property settlements, spousal support, alimony, child custody, and other serious divorce related issues.

As your representative, we are here to advise and inform you, cite the options and alternatives available to you, process your divorce matter, assist you in decision-making, and cooperate with you in attempting to obtain the best possible results in your behalf.